Ring Out!!!

End of Year

Ring Out

                                           Bill Wagner 12-31-14

So, here it is once again the end of another year,

Brother, boy, I’ll tell you one from heaven and from hell,

Deepest pits to climb out of, testament to pain,

Floated higher than I ever have, I’d go back there again.


Listened to my heart and spirit, live life, made it mine,

In vast terms of the right and wrong, they both came out to shine,

As this December draws to a close, I know, I know, I know,

Tread lightly in still waters, the deepest you can go.


I know there are opinions, responses, scattered time,

I don’t pay much attention but I do know I have mine,

Illicit and elusive quarter hour here as one,

You start to dream, it’s over, just as easy said and done.


As the minutes drift further down all these days have come to pass,

What do you make of it now, today, looking back through opaque glass?

The fires and the frozen lilt together, turn as one,

In one blinding, glazing moment now you look and it’s all gone.

My Strongest Feelings!

Your inner self catches your spirit and swiftly, almost instantly mingles with my own… then it’s been there within me- growing and knowing and understanding…

If not for you I would have not a thing to think or feel romantic for…

It is you… and only you….

That has brought this love to light inside of me…

and as life sometimes goes….

We could make our love a lifelong pursuit

Building…. Sharing…..Smiling… Crying…as life would have it be…

Touching… Kissing…. Then some…..

But most of all

Simply the knowledge and understanding….

 That someone…… right here and now….

You and me……

Belong right where we are…..

To be who we are and…..

 With each other…

My view on the search for happiness (not a poem)

Happiness is the ultimate thing we should be searching for. It’s the only thing that we can truly feel provides us with the knowledge of a life well lived. Everything, anything else falls shallow and short. And in the end, leads us nowhere and leaves us wanting, regretting and gnashing our teeth about what we could have done differently. Just my words of whatever wisdom I’m allowed to see and have.